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Start a Recycling Program at Your Stadium

Recyclable Materials
Stadiums often have recyclable items that end up in the landfill. No matter what sporting event or concert is held, there will be souvenir stands, concession stands, and more. Each item sold usually offers another bit of trash to land on the ground or make its way into the garbage. When you add up hundreds of thousands of items, you get a lot of waste.

There are ways you can decrease the number of recyclable items your stadium sends to the landfill. Put a simple program in place and make changes to the way you handle disposables and recyclables.

In 2007, the University of Tennessee spent just under $9,000,000 to send garbage to the landfill. With changes and improvements made over the next ten years, the University more than cut that amount in half and ended up with 30 percent in recyclable material. Follow their example and learn some ways to turn waste into recyclables in your stadium.

Make Recycling Fun

Doing small things like putting a cardboard basketball backboard above the recyclable bins will get a surprising amount of people to throw their cans and plastic bottles where they go.

People will have fun trying to make their recyclables land in the bin. Prevent trash around the bin by making the top wide enough so most people will land their recyclables in the bin. However, even if they don't make the shot, the recyclables will be right next to the bin where they can be easily picked up and put in the bin.

Give Incentives for Recycling

Offer a program at your stadium to get people to pick up after themselves and others. One type of program could include handing out recyclable bags to anyone who wants one. They can put their recyclables in the bag and just toss the bag in the appropriate bin on their way out.

Or, when someone brings up an entire bag full of recyclables, they can receive coupons or other perks. The coupons can be for rewards like one free soda at the concessions stand that day, or at a future event until the expiration date.

Have Volunteer Programs

Reach out to local schools to start an outreach program. Ask for the kids to come help clean the stadium after events and pick up the recyclables. In return, you can give the kids something special, such as free tickets to an upcoming game or other event.

The outreach program will help get the kids involved in recycling while they learn about its importance first hand and allow them to earn something at the same time.

Work With Your Maintenance Workers

Educate your maintenance crew on spotting recyclable items they would normally throw away. Copper, steel, iron, scrap aluminum, and other types of metals that come off parts and components during changes and upgrades can be recycled for cash.

When your maintenance staff removes parts made of these metals, have a system put in place for the metals to be stored where the parts can then be turned in to the recycling center once you have a large amount collected. This will bring in extra money and save you money when you don't have to pay for as many trash dumps.

We Can Take Your Recyclables

Once you have gathered your recyclables, contact us. Ranch Town Recycling Center is a recycling company that has been helping the community reduce its overall carbon footprint for almost 20 years. We will take aluminum, plastic, glass, and more. We can also recycle any appliances, radiators, batteries, and your e-waste, such as your computers, laptops, hard drives, and motherboards.