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Debunking Recycling Myths for Residents of San Jose and Surrounding Areas

Ranch Town Recycling Inc. is a longtime provider of comprehensive recycling services to residents in and around San Jose. We know that despite the tremendous benefits of plastics recycling and other materials, many myths about the process still exist. We’ve outlined three common recycling myths below with the hope that doing so will help you separate fact from fiction.
1. Recycling is Difficult and Time Consuming

Nowadays, the recycling process has been streamlined for ease and efficiency, and this is especially true here at Ranch Town Recycling Center Inc., where we’ve been in business since 1996. You no longer need to remove labels, bottle caps and other materials before submitting your materials. Machines take care of all of that for you as part of their separation process.

2. Waste in Landfills Will Ultimately Decompose Anyway

This is a prevalent belief among people everywhere, and yet it is wholly inaccurate. To keep decomposing waste from damaging groundwater reserves, landfills are designed to minimize the amount of oxygen and moisture that travel through them. The problem? Oxygen and moisture are essential components of decomposition, meaning that without them, the landfill simply buries, rather than decomposes, waste.
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3. Recycling is More Expensive Than Trash Collection and Disposal

Numerous surveys have been conducted regarding the cost effectiveness of recycling versus typical trash disposal. The overall takeaway is that recycling is more cost effective than standard waste disposal in communities where recycling is highly prevalent, like ours.

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Ranch Town offers a full range of recycling services for residents of San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Mountain View and Sunnyvale. For more on what we do, or for the truth on any recycling myths not listed above, call 408-292-3333.