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Cat 5 and 6 Wire Recycling for San Jose and the Surrounding Communities

Ranch Town Recycling Center offers cable and insulated wire recycling to residents of San Jose and neighboring areas. Cable recycling has become increasingly lucrative in recent years, making the service valuable within the community, and it offers a number of environmental benefits as well. Not only does the process ensure that fewer new materials are produced, reducing the strain on natural resources, but it also minimizes the amount of copper dumped into the earth’s landfills.

Different Types of Cables We Salvage Around the Santa Clara, Cupertino and Sunnyvale Areas

Currently, we accept the following materials from residents of San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Milpitas and surrounding areas:

  • Cat 5 cable (standard Ethernet, telephone and video)
  • Cat 6 cable (gigabit Ethernet)
  • Romex
  • Insulated #1 & #2 wire
The Cat 5 and Cat 6 models are among the more common varieties we accept at our facility. Category 5s are twisted cables used for carrying signals, like telephone or video transmissions. The Category 6 variety is generally used for Gigabit Ethernet. Whether you’re looking to unload insulated copper wiring or other electronic equipment, Ranch Town is your one-stop shop for getting the job done.

Serving Mountain View, Campbell, Milpitas and Neighboring Communities

In addition to wiring and cable repurposing, we offer an abundance of recycling services, including those for traditional materials and plastics. Whether you need to unload old wires, plastic bottles you’ve been collecting or that old desktop computer taking up space in your garage, Ranch Town makes the process stress-free. Don’t underestimate the value of your old wiring. Stop by our San Jose facility today to find out what it’s worth, or call us with any questions at 408-292-3333. We also serve communities around Milpitas, Mountain View, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale.
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