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Five Reasons to Recycle Glass

Did you know glass recycling is an efficient process with many environmental and economic benefits? Similar to recycling scrap metal, used glass offers consumers and citizens these five important benefits.

1. Reduces Landfill and Waste Costs

Repurposing and reprocessing garbage takes less manpower than waste disposal. Keeping trash out of landfills, roadsides and other public areas helps to beautify cities, towns and nations for many years. It also extends the life of municipal waste sites.

2. Can Be Reprocessed Repeatedly

Because it contains only natural ingredients, it is an ideal material for reprocessing. There is no end to the number of times it can be recycled, and the new products retain all the same benefits as the originals. It’s non-porous, impervious structure means it does not absorb chemicals, substances, tastes or smells and is easy to remake.
recycled glass

3. Creates Jobs

Reusing materials is a more complicated process than waste disposal. Jobs in the industry employ skilled workers and pay high wages, sometimes more than the national median. This boosts the economy, improving the lives of Americans.

4. Preserves Resources

Glass is made of sand, soda ash and limestone, which are all natural materials. It takes more than a ton of these substances to create a ton of finished product, adding to the drain on resources. Repurposing bottles and jars preserves the limited supply of natural reserves and keeps those already mined from being wasted.

5. Reduces Energy Burden

The energy costs associated with creating new materials are much higher than the cost of reusing materials already in the marketplace. Greenhouse gases and other waste byproducts decrease as recycling increases.

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