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How Aluminum Cans Are Recycled

The process associated with Aluminum can recycling has been around for decades and makes sense from both an environmental and financial standpoint. Aluminum that has been reprocessed can be used in all the same applications as the original product. It is estimated that 75 percent of the aluminum ever refined is still in useable form, which equates to both financial and environmental savings. Keeping cans out of landfills is just as essential as saving on emissions associated with mining and producing new metal. The material has a high resale value in the reprocessing market and can be reused indefinitely.

The Process

There are several basics steps during aluminum reprocessing. Once collected, cans must be crushed into bales and then shredded. Shredding allows for easier label removal and a faster, more efficient melting process. After they have been cut into strips, the cans go through several cycles before they become usable metal:

  • Coatings are removed at high heat
  • Shreds enter the furnace and are melted into liquid metal
  • Impurities are removed
  • Metal transfers to another furnace and is poured into molds
  • Large pieces of new aluminum are removed from molds and rolled into sheets
aluminum can
Once these sheets are thin enough, they are ready to be manufactured into new cans and go back out into the marketplace.

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Recycling aluminum cans keeps the environment cleaner and prevents landfills from filling prematurely. Because of the perfect final product, aluminum is perfect for reuse. Ranch Town Recycling Center Inc. encourages recycling plastic, aluminum, electronics and other items to preserve the environment for future generations and offers services across Saratoga and Los Gatos. Call today at 408-292-3333 for more information.