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Updated Recycling Laws That Affect San Jose Residents


Recent CA laws require specific compliance in 2014. Please call us for recent updates.

California has done a great job with their successful recycling program, and the new CA recycling laws will hopefully continue this success by combating fraud. Ranch Town Recycling Center in San Jose is here to walk you through the new changes and answer any questions. Effective Jan. 1, 2014, the revised regulations will reduce the volume of eligible cans and bottles that an individual can cash in on a daily basis. The new limits are 100 pounds of plastic or aluminum California Redemption Value (CRV) containers, and 1,000 pounds of CRV glass per person, per day.

There are also limits in regards to the total value of non-ferrous material, which includes wire, copper and scrap aluminum. If the value is over $20, the recycling center will be required to hold the money for three business days unless you have a business or contractor’s license.

Who Will Be Affected by These Changes?

In general, the majority of the population will not be affected by these new regulations. In the past, over 99 percent of the transactions for clear plastic bottles were for less than 80 pounds, with the average running around 11.6 pounds. For aluminum, the average weight was less than 9 pounds, with 99 percent being less than 80 pounds. The main goal of these limits is to prevent illegal activities from scavenger fleets and importers of out-of-state containers.

Upcoming Programs

In order to continue to protect California’s recycling fund, the state is working on two more program changes. One would continue to improve the training of recycling center operators. The other change will require those importing containers from out-of-state to go through agricultural inspection and fulfill strict reporting requirements. For more information regarding recycling laws affecting the San Jose area, contact Ranch Town at 408-292-3333.

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