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The Benefits of Recycling Appliances


The Benefits of Recycling Appliances

When it’s time to say goodbye to your old dishwasher, microwave or other major appliances, it’s important to dispose of them in a responsible manner. American homes generate a lot of waste, which is why we should all do our part to reduce our usage of landfill space. Here are a few reasons to make appliance recycling a priority instead of throwing things away.

Protection for the Ozone Layer

A refrigerator or air conditioner relies on refrigerant to cool air down, and that material stays inside the system after it’s disposed. If you treat these devices like simple garbage, those gasses could eventually leak out into the atmosphere and damage the ozone layer. This is why proper recycling is especially important for older appliances that have harsher chemicals.
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Scrap Metal Salvage

If you were to look inside your washer, dryer, or oven, you’d see a lot of aluminum, steel and other materials that are completely recyclable. Mining for new metals has a tremendous impact on the environment, which is why it’s smart to reclaim as much as possible from old machinery instead of sending it out with the trash.

Save Some Money

When you send an appliance to the dump, it’s gone, and you might even have to pay a disposal fee. By working with a recycling center that can harvest scrap materials, you might be able to put a few extra dollars in your pocket based on the amount of recoverable aluminum and steel.

Dispose of Things the Right Way

These are just a few reasons why you should consider responsible appliance disposal whenever you update your machinery, but your local intake facility can educate you about even more benefits. If you’re in San Jose, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Milpitas or Sunnyvale, give us a call at 408-292-3333 to learn about our kids recycling program or to see what else we can do for you.