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The Importance of Recycling E-Waste in San Jose

There are fewer drum beats steadier than the constant march of technology. As manufacturers continue to roll out newer and fancier versions of TVs, computers and other electronics, we all find ourselves at the point when it makes sense to upgrade, but what happens to our old devices when the replacements arrive? At Ranch Town Recycling Center, we provide a place to drop off your e-waste so it stays out of our precious San Jose landfill space.
If you were to look inside the case of your favorite electronic device, you’d find that the components are made up of precious metals such as copper, gold and aluminum. By recapturing these valuable substances, we diminish the need for virgin materials that have been freshly mined from the ground, and that helps to protect the environment.

It’s also worth noting that many of these devices contain hazardous chemicals, which is why it’s important that you participate in e-waste recycling instead of simply throwing them in the trash. While it may seem like trace amounts in one piece of equipment, if everybody simply treated these items like standard garbage, the cumulative pollutants would settle into the soil and eventually taint the water table.
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Also Serving Santa Clara, Milpitas, Mountain View and Sunnyvale

Whether you live in San Jose or the surrounding communities of Santa Clara and Milpitas or Mountain View and Sunnyvale, we’re conveniently located to accept all of your unwanted items. We owe it to future generations to protect the planet as much as possible, and that’s why it’s crucial to keep these bulky and pollutant-filled items out of the municipal dump. If you have unwanted computers or television sets cluttering up your home, give Ranch Town Recycling Center a call at 408-292-3333 today!