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Things Aluminum Recycling Creates

If you were to look around your house, you’d be shocked by how many things are made from recyclable materials. Aluminum products are near the top of the list of most common items. With such a large amount of reusable substances in the marketplace, there’s a real opportunity to preserve precious landfill space by simply separating recyclable goods out from the rest of our trash. At Ranch Town Recycling Center, we’ve been helping San Jose residents protect the planet by being the first step in the reclamation process since 1996.

Once all of the eligible items are collected and sorted, they head off to a processing center to be melted down into new sheets of metal. From there, the output is shipped off to various manufacturers to be molded and formed into new products like cans, pie pans, furniture, siding, foil and even small appliances. If you think about what happens after you drop your waste off at an aluminum recycling center, you’ll be amazed by how it gets reused. It’s even possible that some of it found its way into the concrete of the sidewalks in your neighborhood.
aluminum products

Serving San Jose and Surrounding Areas

The most important part of the reclamation process is the element of convenience, which is why we are within an easy drive of San Jose and suburbs like Santa Clara and Milpitas or Mountain View and Sunnyvale. Instead of sending all of those aluminum cans out to the curb with your garbage, bring them in to Ranch Town Recycling Center and put some money back in your pocket thanks to California’s redemption value program. You’ll get a nickel for every item smaller than 24 ounces, and you can pocket a dime for anything larger. Do your part for the environment and give us a call at 408-292-3333 today!