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Why Recycling Copper Is Cheaper Than Extracting It

Methods for recycling metals like copper have evolved into efficient systems that benefit humans and the environment in multiple ways. Along with saving a variety natural resources, recycling can also be a method of utilizing metal in manufacturing processes while cutting costs. Saving on labor, machinery and other costs means recycling makes environmental and financial sense in nearly every case.

Pollution, Cost and Expense of Mining

Mining copper is an intensive process that requires energy, heavy equipment, manpower and the use of other resources. Traditional underground shaft mining and open pit mining require machinery powered by fossil fuel, as well as hours of grueling labor for workers. Shaft mining can also be hazardous and unhealthy for those working underground. Most copper is extracted through open pit mining, which requires the use of oversized machinery and leaves a visual impact on the landscape.

The payroll hours, fuel costs and expenses associated with mining machinery is estimated to be 85 percent higher than the cost of recycling copper already in the marketplace. Copper recycling also produces quality products, valued at 90 percent of the original material. Finding and operating landfills is also less expensive when copper from cars and other sources is kept out of refuse centers. Other expensive environmental impacts are also avoided when metal is recycled. The dust and machinery emissions of a copper mine can be quite high, while air pollution caused by copper recycling is almost nonexistent.
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Elongating the lifespan of natural resource supplies is only part of the sustainability picture. The overall cost of processing resources has a large effect on the development of realistic solutions. The experts at Ranch Town Recycling Center Inc. specialize in copper reprocessing, aluminum can recycling and other specialty processes that preserve the environment and make financial sense. For more information about sustainable programs in Los Gatos and Saratoga, call our team today at 408-292-3333.