Welcome to Ranch Town Recycling "A distinguished past...A dynamic future."

Understanding the importance of being green, Ranch Town Recycling believes works at helping the community become proactive about recycling, which is economically and environmentally smart.

Ranch Town Recycling Center helps many residents, schools and businesses.

Businesses often will drop off their scrap metal and E waste that we accept. Ranch Town Recycling Center wants to help educate the public about how recycling is important to the community and the world we live in.

We are dedicated in serving and helping everyone that comes to our center in a fast and efficient way. Ranch town Recycling provides excellent customer service & very competitive prices. When you come to here we are not only your buyback center but your friend to preserve the environment.

In 1996, we started a business in what they knew best and purchased Ranch Town. We got into the recycling business—collecting cans, glass, brass and other recycling items through their buyback center.


When you come into Ranch Town Recycling we always recommend that you have your material sorted from Aluminum Cans, Plastic Bottles & Glass Bottles.

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Ranch town Recycling takes many items to recycle such as the following:

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We Take many Electronic Items such as Tv's. Monitors, Laptops. Computers, Cell Phones!

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775 Lincoln Avenue., San Jose, CA 95126 | Phone: 408-292-3333

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