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Recycle Your Glass Bottles In and Around San Jose

Ranch Town Recycling has offered convenient and profitable CRV glass recycling for residents and businesses across San Jose, Santa Clara and Milpitas for nearly two decades. Glass bottle recycling can be done over and over again, and 90 percent of the recycled material is used to create new containers. Many manufacturers rely on crushed or ground glass to supplement raw materials. They combine it with limestone, sand and soda ash, and then mold the mixture into whatever shape is desired. This process allows for the reuse of limited resources and also requires less energy than traditional production that uses sand, soda and lime.

We Also Serve Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Cupertino and the Surrounding Areas

When you drop off your unwanted goods at Ranch Town, you’re eligible for CRV refunds. When your container is smaller than 24 ounces you’re eligible for a five-cent refund, and when it exceeds 24 ounces you’ll receive 10 cents for each.

When glass is broken down and crushed it’s called cullet, and it can be used to create a wide array of useful products. When you bring your beer, wine, liquor or soda bottles to Ranch Town, we separate them in terms of chemical composition and color, then wash them in an effort to remove any impurities. The material is then crushed, melted and molded, and then redistributed for future use. Because it doesn’t degrade during this process, it can be recycled time and time again.
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Go Green and Get Money with CRV Containers in the Santa Clara, Campbell and Milpitas Areas

If you live or work in San Jose, Santa Clara or Milpitas and want to unload your glass containers in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner, or conversely, want to know more about our copper or aluminum recycling efforts, contact Ranch Town today by calling 408-292-3333.