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Lead Recycling Services in San Jose

Ranch Town Recycling Center in San Jose strives to help the community become more involved in protecting the environment. One of the ways that we contribute to reducing waste is our lead recycling program. Lead is one of the easiest metals to recycle, and the final product is just as usable as lead originally produced from ore.

One of the reasons that recycling rates are so high for this particular metal is because of batteries. The battery industry consumes a high amount of lead, and there are more incentives in place for people to bring in old batteries for recovery, which helps to cut down on waste. It is also advantageous to recycle lead scrap metal because the process takes 60 to 65 percent less energy than producing it from scratch, while conserving our resources for future generations.

Salvaging Batteries Near the Santa Clara, Cupertino and Milpitas Areas

Another service that Ranch Town provides is car battery recycling. Because they are made with lead acid, our center is able to reuse almost all of the components and cut down considerably on waste. Because the process can release a lot of toxic lead into the environment, auto repair facilities and salvage centers are strongly encouraged to use a recycling center, such as ours, that follows the rules and regulations for safety.

Other battery types, such as lithium and alkaline, are not recovered as readily because they do not contain heavy metals, and it usually costs much more to recycle than to make them from scratch. However, we do accept most other battery types as part of our buyback services. Give us a call to find out which types we accept.

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If you have any questions about recycling services in the San Jose, Santa Clara and Milpitas, or Mountain View and Sunnyvale areas, Ranch Town Recycling Center can help. We also offer radiator recycling services for those who need them. Call us anytime at 408-292-3333.