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How Recycling Creates and Sustains Local Jobs


Recycling isn't just about responsibility. Your personal or business recycling can also help improve your local economy. The more the community recycles, the more jobs recycling activity will create and sustain. Here is how your efforts can help your local economy and how you can do even more.

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Recycling Glass: Everything You Need to Know


Glass packaging in North America is a multi-billion industry with demand for glass continuing to rise steadily in many industries including beverage, food, and pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, glass bottles and containers are completely recyclable and can retain their properties after many rounds of recycling.

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Gutting a Hoarder's Home: What Can Be Recycled


Whether you are helping a hoarder relative clean out their home or you've recently purchased a hoarder's home and all the items within come with your purchase, you have your work cut out for you. Much of what you clean out of the home can be sold or donated to charity, but other items, such as old tires, broken appliances, and other garbage, has to be thrown away.

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