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Recycle Your Stainless Steel at Our Center ​in San Jose

Take a tour of homes for sale in San Jose, Santa Clara or Milpitas, and you’ll likely come across many stainless steel kitchen appliances and features. Commonly used in everything from automobiles to construction materials, this high-chromium content material appeals to consumers primarily because of its shiny, bright design.

Ranch Town Recycling is a California leader in stainless steel recycling. Because its value is often higher than that of many common metals, it is generally well worth the time and effort it takes to salvage it and bring it in. Here’s a look at what types we currently take.

Materials Accepted At Our Center Near Mountain View, Cupertino and Sunnyvale

The materials we accept include, but are not limited to:
  • Tubing
  • Sheets
  • Pipe
  • ​Turnings
  • 304, 316 and 400 series
  • Restaurant equipment and appliances
  • Magnetic stainless
  • ​Oversized stainless

Which Metal Do You Have?

Even those who are highly knowledgeable about scrap metal sometimes confuse steel and aluminum. Here’s how you can tell the difference.

  • Test A – Hit the metal in question with a magnet. If it sticks, you know it can’t be aluminum.
  • Test B – Try grinding the material on a grinding wheel. If you see a bunch of sparks, it’s not aluminum. If it’s not magnetic AND releases sparks, you’re dealing with the stainless variety.
  • Test C – Look for indications of rust. Aluminum doesn’t rust.
  • Test D – Examine the item in question for density. Of the two metals, aluminum is about three times lighter.

We Serve Santa Clara, Campbell, Milpitas and Surrounding Areas

For more information about Ranch Town Recycling and our broad range of metal and electronics recycling services, call 408-292-3333.