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We Can Help You Recycle Your Radiators in San Jose

Ranch Town Recycling Center in San Jose has been doing its best to save the environment since 1996. One of the ways that we do this is through our radiator recycling program. The types of radiators that we recycle include worn out ones from automobiles, refrigerators and air conditioner units.

Our center works with businesses, schools and local residents to assist them in being environmentally and economically smart. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our recovery and buyback programs, such as the scrap metals that we buy, CRV-eligible items and our lead recycling program.

Types We Accept At Our Center Near Sunnyvale, Cupertino and Mountain View

We accept many kinds of radiators, but there are two main types to be aware of:

  • Brass - this type is mostly found in vehicles made before 1990. If you have a car or truck that happens to have this type, you will benefit from a higher buyback because the components are more valuable than those in current models. Before turning it in, make sure you remove any steel pieces or other foreign materials that are attached to it so that you get the highest price possible.
  • ​Aluminum - most newer-model vehicles will have this type of radiator, and it is easy to remove from the front of your automobile. Make sure you take off any steel attachments and the plastic reservoir tanks in order to receive the full value. Also drain any remaining coolant. Because they are not as valuable, keep them separate from the brass/copper types.

Call Us Today from the Milpitas, Campbell and Santa Clara Areas

We provide recycling and buyback services for residents in the San Jose, Santa Clara and Milpitas, and Mountain View and Sunnyvale areas. Please feel free to drop by Ranch Town or call us at 408-292-3333 to make an appointment.