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Start Recycling in Your Own Home


Recycling is nothing new. You've seen recycling bins set up in your town for old paper items, glass, and plastic. You know the basics of recycling as well. Recycling renewable products help reduce waste in landfills and makes the world a greener place to live.

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Household-Wide Recycling | Ranch Town Recycling Center Inc.


Many families recycle some items, but few households recycle everything they're able to. One reason why is because families rarely have a system in place for collecting and properly disposing of all recyclable materials. If you'd like to increase how much your family recycles, here's how to implement a household-wide recycling system.

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You Can Recycle More Than You Think


Shifting materials from the trash pile to the recycling pile gets easier every year as companies change what they use in their products and recycling centers increase the types of materials they collect. The result is that a lot of products that were not recyclable previously are now partly or fully recyclable.

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Importance of Recycling Appliances


Eventually, most appliances get old, then stop working and need to be replaced. Sometimes people replace their appliances even before they stop working, either for aesthetic reasons or to get more energy-efficient models. If you have old appliances around, don't send them to a landfill, recycle them instead.

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